Howdy, Howdy my peeps, here is your ALL KILLER – NO FILLER – NO CHUD radio show playlist #67 for 8/19/12


DJ Shadow  Right Thing (Z-Trip Party Mix) CD

Z-Trip  Swamp Walk (Dick Meets Dyke on Broadway Mix)  CD

Fayuca  Sigo Amandote  CD

Memphis Soul  Don’t Down Me People  CD

Brownout  I Won’t Lie  CD

Stan Devereaux & Trendsetters  Sad Tomorrows  CD


George Washington Bridge:

Good Morning Happy, Sookie Sookie, Train Ride  CD

Beethoven Soul  Laugh At Me  & The Walls Are High 45



Dennis Pavo  Puna Ku’u Aloha  CD

Gabby Pahanui  Pua Tubarose  LP

Sonny Chillingworth  Hi’ilawe  CD

Sons Of Hawaii  No Ke Ano Ahi Ahi  CD

The Ho’o Pi’i Brothers  Ei Nei  CD

Tha Gabby Pahanui Band  Po Mahina  LP

George Helm  Waikiki  live  LP

The Pahanui Brothers  Waimanalo Blues  CD

Moe Keale  Mapuna Ka Alalo  CD

Kealii Reichel  Kawaipunahele  CD



The Lovin’ Sound  LP

You Were On My Mind  LP


Four Strong Winds  LP

Someday Soon  LP


Donnie Owens Story Set (all from CD):

Mr. Mystery Moon, Need You, Tomorow, My Love,

Between Midnight And Dawn, Climbin’ The Walls, On & On,

Useless, Sweet Angel In A Pair Of Jeans, Nashville Bum,

The Two Dons: Funny Honey, Boo Hoo Hoo, What A Dream,

Big Changing World, Ask Me Anything…..RIP Donnie.


See ya next time….thanks for listening….Aloha.