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1965 Fender Custom Colors – “I’m Glad I Knew You”

A most cool video of Emerald City Guitars trip to Phoenix to purchase the guitars and amp of the late P-Nut Butter bass player Bob Evans.  Includes a band reunion and the history of the band and Evans.  Professionally done.  Enjoy. […]

Sanford Clark – View Sanford’s Pictures

On December 18th, we gathered at The Dirty Drummer in Phoenix to celebrate Sanford’s life with his family and friends. His music and memories flowed that afternoon. I thought that you might enjoy the picture loop made especially for the gathering. RIP Sanford. […]

In the Crates #1:
Johnny D Versus JFA

In the early ’80s, skate punk roared out of Phoenix, led by a group of teenagers called Jodie Foster’s Army. On JFA’s 1983 full-length debut, Valley of the Yakes, vocalist Brian Brannon rails against preps, gossipers, cops, and Reagan. But he saves some of his gnarliest lyrics for a local radio deejay, a guy named Johnny D. […]

Rare And Unissued Arizona Fiddle
And String Band Music

As the fiddle drops...the newest release from Ramco Records; "Rare And Unissued Fiddle & String Band Music" '47-'50, featuring Eck Robertson, Curly Lewis, Carl Griswold, Everett Holman, Ardell Christopher, Clay Ramsey's Old Timers and others.  From the Ramsey Radio Studio, just off 7th Street at Weldon, next to the barber shop. Informative notes by Mr. Joe Baker make this a must have [...]

You Gotta Have Soul: Raw Sonoran
R&B and Funk (1957-1971)

In the late ‘50s and on through the 1960s, Phoenix, Arizona, was home to a thriving R&B scene. Though no other song catapulted onto the national charts like Dyke and the Blazer’s signature “Funky Broadway,” inspired by the South Phoenix road of the same name, regional soul and funk acts picked up steam in the Valley of the Sun as established artists [...]

Direct from the Riverbottom Room at JD’s…..

Arizona's PHIL and the FRANTICS finally get the deluxe treatment on this new "Frantically Yours" CD from Ramco Records. Packed with 26 tracks, this long overdue Digipak package includes a big 24 page booklet, with extensive liners by historian Dan Nowicki and lots of unseen pictures and vintage labels for your visual delight. The full story of Phil Kelsey's career as told [...]

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