Steve Goodman  Easter Parade  CD
Roy Eldridge  Easter Parade  Inst.  78
Gene Autry  Peter Cottontail  CD
The Robert Shaw Chorale  Easter Parade  78
The Newton Rascals  If The Easter Bunny Knew The Fun He’s Have On X-Mas  CD
Fats Domino  Easter Parade  LP
ZiA yOu hEArD uS bAcK wHeN vOl. 8 SeT:
Jared & The Mill  Know Your Face  CD
Orange Kids  Always  CD
Tesoro  Mujer De La Luna  CD
Ree Boardo  Children Of This Light  CD
Brendon Rincon  Standalone (Ft. Sierra Gergus)  CD
Candy Warpop  Residue Of Change  CD
French Girls  He’s All That  CD
Jonathan Sakas  Movies  CD
Funky Bonz  Make It Funky  CD
Andre Williams  Jail Bait  CD
The Five Dollars  Doctor Baby  CD
Andre Williams w/ Gino Parks  Pass The Bisuuits Please  CD
Andre Williams w/ The Don Juans  Going Down To Tiajuana  CD
Andre Williams and his New Group  Bacon Fat  CD
Andre Williams w/ The Don Juans  My Last Dance With You  CD
Andre Williams w/ The Five Dollars  Just Because  CD
Jimmy Reed  Big Boss Man  LP
Johnny Winter  Ain’t Nothing To Me  LP
The Sons Of Champlin  1982-A  LP
Santana & Buddy Miles  Them Changes  Live  LP
The Beach Boys  Johnny Carson  LP
Alice Cooper  Changing Arranging  LP
Little Feat  Rhumba Man  CD
Ron Fields and Mel Brewer  The Mel Brewer Show  LP
Sonny Carroll w/ Shorty Warren & The Western Rangers  Arizona  78
Wayne Bennett  Rockin’ (Funky Broadway)  Inst.  45
Jaakko Eino Kalevi  Uu Uu Uu  10″ LP
Dewey Harris  Suit For The Cat  Inst.  LP
SHA-BOOM BANG!  A soulful CD of Arizona vintage music set:
The Tads  Your Reason  CD
The Velaires Feat. Danny  I Found A Love  CD
The Versatiles  Blue Feelin’  CD
Little Worley & The Drops  You Better Watch Yourself  CD
The Tads  Wolf Call  CD
Lon Rogers & The Soul Blenders  CD
Bro. Zee & The Decades  Sha-Boom Band  CD
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