The Sportsmen  Happy Birthday (to Mama D. #96)  78

The Gladiators  Dreadlocks The Time Is Now  live @ Bud Brown’s Barn  CD

LCD Sound System  Dance Yrself Clean  CD

Chuck Brown  You Don’t Know What Love Is  CD


Cellar Full Of Motown set……..

Dennis Edwards  Easier Said Than Done  CD

Hattie Littles  Love, Trouble, Heartaches and Misery  CD

Blinky & Edwin Starr  Never Give You Up  CD

Shorty Long  A Woman Just Won’t Do Right  CD

Clarence Paul  You Stay On My Mind  CD

Marvin Gaye  A Chance With You  CD


Clifford Coulter  Voco CD


Jimmy Johnson  Cat Daddy  CD

Lee Hazlewood interview  CD


John Hiatt  When We Ran  CD

Dawn Penn  I’m Sorry  CD

Dusty Springfield  Silly, Silly Fool  45

Jordan Brothers (It) Ain’t No Big Thing  CD

Feddie & Henchi & The Soulsetters  I’m Your Friend  CD


Possums  She’s Loving Me  CD

Spiders  Why Don’t You Love Me?  CD

Vibratos  I’m Glad I Knew You unreleased   CD


Bill Harris  Guitar Boogie  unreleased   CD

Clay Ramsey & The Old Timers  Do You Ever Think Of Me  unreleased  CD


That’s All Folks!!  Thanks for listening and spread the word……..JD is back!