You can now stream the Audio Ranch’s first episode via MixCloud. Simply click and play. Our next episode airs Sunday, November 23 at 5 PM MST on KWSS 93.9 FM.
Our playlist:
  1. Gospel Claws, “I Move Around”
  2. Hiss Golden Messenger, “Lucia”
  3. Sturgill Simpson, “Long White Line
  4. Redbone, “Crazy Cajun Cakewalk Band”
  5. Josefus, “Country Boy”
  6. Ronnie White, “Begging You”
  7. The Falcons, “You’re So Fine”
  8. Little Wilbur & the Pleasures, “Plaything”
  9. Donnie Elbert, “That’s If You Love Me”
  10. Marky Lee, “She’s Looking Good”
  11. Commodore Condello’s Salt River Navy Band, “A Little Help From My Horse”
  12. The Band, “Stage Fright”
  13. Saint Maybe, “Delicate Prey”
  14. Califone, “We Are a Payphone”
  15. El Domingos, “Go On and Cry”
  16. Del Torto, “This Sporting Life”
  17. The Sidewalk Sounds, “Gas Hassle”
  18. Napoleon Puppy, “They’re Coming to Take Me Away”
  19. Los Hermanos Jordan, “Squeeze Box Man”
  20. Grant and the Geezers, “Swamp Shack”
  21. French Quarter, “Lucky Passing Dream”
  22. Jim Sullivan, “UFO”
  23. Willie Dunn, “I Pity the Country”
  24. Jimmy Beasley, “Johnny’s House Party Pt. 1”
  25. The Slide Brothers, “Don’t Keep My Wondering”
  26. Augustine Ramirez, “Soul Serenade”