1. Bill Withers, “Lovely Day” [Brazil Connection remix]
  2. Jill Scott, “Lovely Day”
  3. Julee Cruise, “Falling” (Theme from “Twin Peaks”)
  4. Duane Eddy, “First Love, First Tears”
  5. Kid Frost, “Thin Line”
  6. Caravelles, “Lovin’ Just My Style”
  7. Dogbreth, “New Friend”
  8. Los Fugitivos, “El Tren”
  9. Ty Segall & White Fence, “Easy Rider”
  10. Bliss, “Hippies and Cops and a Bunch of Rocks”
  11. Bobby Fuller Four, “Take My Word”
  12. Jimmy Dolan, “Hot Rod Mama”
  13. The Flock, “Crabfoot”
  14. Shriekback, “Psycho Drift”
  15. Beats International, “Dub Be Good to Me”
  16. Michael Chapman, “An Old Man Remembers”
  17. Matthew’s Southern Comfort, “Tell Me Why”
  18. Grateful Dead, “Sugar Magnolia” [Houston, Texas, 11-18-72]
  19. Curtis Lee, “Is She In Your Town?”
  20. Curtis Lee, “Under the Moon of Love”
  21. Curtis Lee, “Pure Love”
  22. Curtis Lee, “Calif. GL-9309”
  23. Curtis Lee, “Gotta Have You”
  24. Curtis Lee, “Pretty Little Angel Eyes”
  25. Bill Frisell, “Tennessee Flat Top Box”
  26. The Swingers, “The Groove”


The Audio Ranch Show, January 25, 2015 by The Audio Ranch on Mixcloud