1. Al Casey "Ramrod"
  2. Jerry Lawson "Peace Like A River"
  3. The Foundations "Darling (You’re All I Need)
  4. Billy Bragg "When Will I See You Again"
  5. Jesika Von Rabbit "Looking For A Wierdo"
  6. Rancid Yak Butter "Jungle Fever"
  7. Willis Jackson "Sunny Side Of The Street" Inst.
  8. Eliades Ochoa "Cuidadito"
  9. Royal Jesters "Take Me For A Little While"
  10. Golden Breed S/T "What Turns You On"
  11. Kitchen Cinq "Determination"
  12. Hopi Klansmen "Route 66" & "Baja" Inst.
  13. Kid King’s Combo "Skip’s Boogie" 78 Inst.
  14. Harry Carter "Jump Baby Jump"
  15. Dale Watson "A Day At A Time"
  16. Loy Clingman "Show Down"
  17. The Frantics "Werewolf"
  18. Tyrone Davis "Can I Change My Mind"
  19. O.V. Wright "Blind, Crippled and Crazy"
  20. Sunny & The Sunliners "Hitch Hike"
  21. George Torrance & The Naturals "Lickin’ Stick"
  22. Earnest Jackson "Love And Happiness"
  23. Eddie & Ernie "Bullets Don’t Have Eyes"
  24. Jerry Lawson "Just A Mortal Man"
  25. Lee Hazlewood Interview
  26. Duane Eddy & Lee Hazlewood "Girl On Death Row"
  27. Lee Hazlewood "I Move Around"
  28. Lee Hazlewood "Dirt Nap Stories"
  29. Lee Hazlewood "Summer Wine"

The Audio Ranch Show, June 2, 2015 by The Audio Ranch on Mixcloud