1. Al Casey, “Ramrod”
  2. Duane Eddy, “Rebel-‘Rouser”
  3. The Pills, “DC 10”
  4. Bob “Easy Deal” Wilson, “Gotta Have You”
  5. Glen Morris, “I Got The Blues”
  6. Woolsey’s Raiders, “War Dance”
  7. Goose Creek Symphony, “Guitars Pickin’, Fiddles Playing”
  8. The Spiders, “Don’t Blow Your Mind”
  9. The Resonars, “I’ll Keep It With Mine”
  10. Mike Enis & Company, “Anita”
  11. Condello, “See What Tomorrow Brings”
  12. Phil & the Frantics, “Where Am I Running To”
  13. Beethoven Soul, “Laugh at Me”
  14. Tony & Doc with Hub Capp & The Wheels, “Myron Messer”
  15. Thackeray Rocke, “Bawling”
  16. Beer, “Some Kinda Rich Girl”
  17. Beethoven Soul, “Happy Man”
  18. The Sonics, “Do You Want To Know a Secret”
  19. Roy & the Dew Drops, “Soul Side of the Street”
  20. Michael Liggins & the Super Souls, “Loaded to the Gills”
  21. Friends of Dean Martinez, “All The Pretty Horses”
  22. Rev. Louis Overstreet, “Working On a Building”
  23. Waylon Jennings, “My World”
  24. Denny Reed, “A Teenager Feels It Too”
  25. Floyd & Jerry, “Yes, Yes, Yeah”
  26. Al Casey Combo, “Doin’ It”
  27. X-Streams, “Spinning”
  28. The Gigolo’s, “Night Creature”
  29. Dyke & the Blazers, “So Sharp”
  30. Flathead, “Truck City”
  31. Hamana, “Why Can’t I Understand”
  32. Judy Lunn, “Once It Was Mine”
  33. Lee Hazlewood, “Pretty Jane”
  34. Mike Murray, “Aces Up”


Audio Ranch Show, September 6, 2015: All Arizona Edition by The Audio Ranch on Mixcloud