1. Al Casey, "Ramrod"
  2. Philip Upchurch Combo, "You Can’t Sit Down Pt. 1" 
  3. Joyce Harris, "No Way Out"
  4. Buchanan and Goodman, "On Trail 
  5. Mack Rice, "Love’s A Mother, Brother"
  6. Major Hicks, "Faded Levi Jacket"
  7. Theatre of Ice, "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"
  8. Pepsi Challenge 1980
  9. Edward Lucchina, "Arizona Express"
  10. NRBQ, "Rocket Number 9"
  11. Bo Street Runners, "Aladdin"
  12. Promised Land Sound, "She Takes Me There"
  13. Link Wray, "Morning"
  14. Holy Modal Rounders, "Bay Rum Blues"
  15. Fresh and Onlys, "Tongue In My Cheek"
  16. Meters, "Funky Miracle" 
  17. Harold Crosby, "The Old Man and The Burro"
  18. Nick Drake, "Pink Moon"
  19. Connie Conway, "I Should Not Be Seeing You"
  20. Spence Bare, "Boggie Billy"
  21. Jimmy Wilcox & His Music Counselors, "Mrs. Arizona Home Owner"
  22. Ken Noble, "Money Oldsmobie"
  23. Newton Brothers, "I Spy"
  24. Sanford Clark, "Blue Suede Shoes" and "The Fool"
  25. Dick Robinson & His Makebelievers, "The Boppin’ Martian" 
  26. Al Casey, "The Pink Panther" 
  27. MCI Players and Singers, "Commercials and Jingles" 
  28. Denny Reed, "A Teenager Feels It Too"
  29. Frank Fafara, "Only In My Dreams"
  30. Patti LaSalle, "Quarter After Eight" 
  31. Mike Murray, "Aces Up" 

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