1. Augie Rios, “Donde Esta Santa Claus”
  2. Residents, “Santa Dog”
  3. The Orioles, “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve”
  4. The Uniques, “Merry Christmas Darling (And a Happy New Year Too])”
  5. Howard Morris, “Department Store Santa (After Xmas)”
  6. Babs Gonzales, “Watch Them Resolutions”
  7. Jo Ann Campbell, “Happy New Year Baby”
  8. Honey and the Bees, “Auld Lang Syne”
  9. Pharoah Sanders, “Love Is Everywhere”
  10. Wooden Indian, “Fever Dream”
  11. D’Angelo, “Sugah Daddy”
  12. Whitey Morgan & the 78s, “I’m On Fire”
  13. Chuck Womack and the Sweet Souls, “Ham Hocks and Beans” Pt. 1
  14. The Living Sisters, “Harmony Is Real”
  15. Unknown steel guitarist, “Hawaiian Guitar Solo”
  16. Johnny Cash, “Personal Jesus”
  17. Los Mosquitos, “Flame Out”
  18. Obadiah Parker, “Red Handed”
  19. Ronnie, Norman, and Earl, “Soul at Sunrise”
  20. Har-You Percussion Group, “Feed Me Good”
  21. Betty Davis, “Stars Starve, You Know”
  22. Bob Dylan and the Band, “All You Have to Do Is Dream”
  23. Sid Selvidge, “Wished I Had a Dime”
  24. Billy Sedlmayr, “Pan American Highway Blues”
  25. Joe Cocker, “Feeling Alright”
  26. Joe Cocker, “High Time We Went”
  27. Joe Cocker, “Guilty”

The Audio Ranch Show: December 28, 2014 by The Audio Ranch on Mixcloud