1. Jimmie “Playboy” Knight & Henry “Mojo” Thompson, “Little Ann
  2. Gentlemen Afterdark, “No Flowers”
  3. Larry Wallis & His Psychedelic Rowdies, “Police Car”
  4. Tom Waits, “Gun Street Girl”
  5. Nooney Ricket IV, “No Reply”
  6. Prince, “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad”
  7. Steve Jordan, “Ran Kan Kan”
  8. Allah-Las, “Yemeni Jade”
  9. Gary McFarland, “Manhã de Carnaval”
  10. Walker Brothers, “A Young Man Cried”
  11. Jenny Lewis, “She’s Not Me”
  12. All Saved Freak Band, “All Across the Nation”
  13. Dusty Chaps, “Too Many Women (To Love Just One)”
  14. Judee Sill, “Jesus Was a Crossmaker”
  15. Spiritual Harmonizers, “God’s Love”
  16. Sam Samudio, “Relativity”
  17. Chief Schabuttie Gillame, “No More Doggin’”
  18. Chapito Chavarria y su Orquesta, “Amor de Cabaret”
  19. The Four Blazes, “Mary Jo”
  20. Bonnie Davis, “Pepper Hot Baby”
  21. Floyd and Jerry, “Yes, Yes, Yeah!”
  22. Recitations, “Make The Funk Jump”
  23. Jake Xerxes Fussell, “Let Me Lose”
  24. Arthur, “Sunshine Soldier”
  25. Mongo Santamaria, “Hot Dog”

The Audio Ranch Show, January 4, 2015 by The Audio Ranch on Mixcloud