K-15 Audio Loop And
Promos From Back In the Day…

K-15 Promo by AZMusicDude I don’t know what I was thinking…listening back now, 37 years ago…to this hour loop of K-15 audio and promos. Why did I start it with Tom Petty???!!! Jesus, what was I thinking? I was in a hurry, just splicing tape clips together in no particular order. OK…there were a few clunkers here but what a great memory maker…the energy!! Thank you Tommy Vascocu….just playing now: The Brainz, “Money Changes Everything,”…into “Roxanne” (before it was a mega hit here)….into Kate Bush….be still my heart! […]

K-15 Audio Loop And
Promos From Back In the Day…

Before the Tubes, You Could… Spill The Beans

This is the Beans record that was never released. Three vintage songs pressed onto delicious clear 10” vinyl and housed in a gorgeous die cut jacket, with multi-color insert describing the story of The Beans from start to finish written by Arizona music historian John P. Dixon (Johnny D). Prior to morphing into The Tubes in 1972, The Beans recorded these three songs in Phoenix and San Francisco. Formed by Bill Spooner in late 1969, The Beans at various times also featured future Tubes members Vince Welnick, Rick Anderson, Roger Steen, Prarie Prince, Bob McIntosh  & Fee Waybill. Released in a lavishly-designed package in a limited edition of 500 numbered copies, [...]

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Barney Kessel – Live at the
Jazz Mill 1954 – CD and Red Vinyl

Unearthed tape from a jazz icon. Thanks to a 21-year-old with a tape machine, we can all experience the majesty of guitar legend Barney Kessel at his 1954 best!Even if you don't know Barney Kessel, you know Barney Kessel -- as a first-string member of the group of LA session musicians nicknamed "The Wrecking Crew," Kessel's guitar is heard on just about every LA-based hit you'd care to name from the 60s, including songs by the Monkees and The Beach Boys' legendary Smile LP. And that's Kessel's playing on the famous "fight music" from the Star Trek TV series. He was regarded as the very best of the session guitarists by [...]

Barney Kessel – Live at the
Jazz Mill 1954 – CD and Red Vinyl

Remembering Jack Miller

Jack Miller was born on Christmas Eve, 1932 into a musical family. His father Bernard played banjo, his mother Dorothy sang; music was part of the Miller family's everyday life in Chicago. Like his parents, Jack loved music, playing the coronet and piano. But performing was not the relationship Jack would develop with music; recording it became the passion of his life. His father recognized Jack's interest when he was very young and purchased a disc recorder for him. At the age of eight, Jack began recording everything around him on acetate discs. When Jack was 10, his brother Bill was born; two years later his [...]

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Arizona Music 586 for 02-03-16, the guest is Johnny D.

Arizona Music 586 for 02-03-16, guest is Johnny D, Arizona music archivist and historian, with recorded examples of the 1950s and ’60s “Phoenix sound:” Al Casey-Ramrod, Caravan, Sanford Clark-The Fool Duane Eddy-Rebel Rouser Denny Reed-A Teenager Feels it Too Waylon Jennings-My World […]

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The MCI Records Story 1954-61

In 1956, singer Sanford Clark, guitarist Al Casey and producer Lee Hazlewood laid out the all-time rockabilly classic "The Fool" and put Phoenix, Arizona, on the music world's radar. "The Fool" came out on the tiny MCI imprint and, energized by the national hit, the label for the next five years turned out more Rock 'n' Roll gems by the likes of Al Casey, Dick Robinson andHis Makebelievers, Jim Fleming and The Casuals, Bobby and The Demons, Frank Fafara and Denny Reed. This collection is the first-ever overview of this ground-breaking company, featuring Sanford Clark's never-before-heard pre-"Fool" recordings of "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Heartbreak Hotel" plus previously unreleased tracks [...]

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Dime Store Wedding Ring Featured in Fox’s Last Man on Earth

I don't usually toot my horn on these sync-licensing placements of my masters, but as this show, "The Last Man On Earth," is so "special" at the moment, I must note that on episode #3 REV Records artist Dave Sterlings original (unreleased) recording of "Dime Store Wedding Ring" will be featured twice in the show and under the credits at the end so.....you should be able to hear it that's for sure!  Another REV song on the national airwaves...(the first since "Plaything" in '57 I should add...LOL). Here's a link to the show's website - www.fox.com/the-last-man-on-earth

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Now Available on Ebay!!!

Hola Ya All. Now available on Ebay, another high quality loss leader CD from the Ben Dover Organization titled "Desert Doo Wops 1956-1968" (SewSiouxMee SSM 412). There are 30 fantastic tracks of wonderful group (for the most part) harmony, in a beautiful digipak format, with a 16 page full color booklet. The informative liner notes are by Dan Nowicki, surrounded by many pictures and label images of some very rare Arizona recordings. There are several unreleased masters in the mix too. Featuring wonderful high quality Monophonic sound for your ears. A special shout out to the wonderful production team assembled here to bring this project to fruition and especially Sam [...]

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