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Arizona Music Historian Johhny D. Back on the FM Dial

“It’s All About Freedom.” I’m embarrassed that I didn’t get to this story sooner, but Arizona music historian John “Johnny D” Dixon is back on the FM dial. Mostly Vinyl with Johnny D aired it seventh show Sunday night, on indie station KWSS 106.7. The show runs for three hours, and during this previous Sunday night’s broadcast, Dixon was all over the map, dropping some jams by AZ country-rockers Goose Creek Symphony, a reggae ’45 set, golden vocals from Russ Arno, stunning soul from the likes of Donnie Elbert, Eddie Bo, and Bettye Swan and rounding things out with indie-rock from David Bazan and Those Darlins’. […]

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106.7 KWSS – John Dixon

Ghettoblaster Magazine - Issue 33 - 2012 John Dixon is a wealth of information...which is something that he tells me he's been called before. As a native to the valley area, he feels a passionate urge to educate, and his show is used just for that purpose. While the music he mainly focuses on is firmly planted in 50s and 60s, his set might be more off the wall on any given night. Sometimes 01' Johnny D will take certain factors into consideration, like the death of an artist. Dixon says, "Joe South recently died and I pulled out his music and did a half hour set focused entirely on him. [...]

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Old Dog, New Tricks

I saw an anomaly at a Phoenix hip-hop show recently — a 58-year-old guy onstage playing classic funk 45s — no scratching, no mixing, just one song after another. Two twenty-something DJs, ChaseOne and Smite, stood by John Dixon, better known as Johnny D, nodding to the beat and looking enviously through Dixon’s box of vinyl seven-inches before playing their own sets, opening for Z-Man at the Brickhouse on a Saturday night in late March. Johnny D is renowned locally as Arizona’s unofficial music historian. But lately, the guy who until recently hadn’t spun records since his days at Tempe High and lives at home with his mom has become a [...]

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