Utopia w/ Todd Just One Victory  live  LP

Mike King  Jazz Heart, Purple Heart  CD

Cee Lo Green mixes Nat King Cole  Lush Life  CD

Elvis  Promised Land  CD

The Slide Brothers  Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’  CD

Gary Clark, Jr.  When My Train Pulls In  CD

Ray Stevens  Indian Love Call  45



Dyke & The Blazers  Funky Broadway  45

Lowell Fulson  Funky Broadway  45


Chris Kenner Fumigate Funky Broadway  45

Armando Paraza  Funky Broadway  Inst.  45

Orly Ilacad  Do The Funky Broadway  45

Carole Breval  Funky Broadway  45

Jackie Wilson & Count Basie  Funky Broadway  45

Harvey Scales and The Seven Sounds  Broadway Freeze  45

Mary And The Maori’s  Funky Broadway  LP

Babby Patterson & The Mustangs  Broadway Ain’t Funky No More  45

Bill Morris & The Starlighters  Funky Broadway  45

Bobby Powell  Funky Broadway ’69  45

Jimmy Smith  Funky Broadway  Inst.  45


Billy “The Kid” Emerson  I Did The Funky Broadway  45

Wilson Pickett  Funky Broadway  45

Eddie Peregrina & The Blinkers  Funky Broadway Time  45

Hank Ballard  Broadway  45

Eugene Dozier And The Brotherhood  Funky Broadway  45

The Fantastic Johnny C.  Boogaloo Down (Funky) Broadway  45

Ed’s Five  Funky Broadway  45

The Midnight Rebels  Broadway Walk  45


Alex Williams & The Mustangs  Funky Broadway  45

Bobby Stringer  Funky Broadway  45

The Showmen Inc.  The Tramp (Of Funky Broadway)  45


East Bay Ray  Pipetruck  Inst.  CD

Flathead  M.I.A.  CD

Spade Cooley w/ Tex Williams  Crazy, Cause I Love You  78

Mike King w/ Merle Harmon  I Love What Could Have Been  CD

Delbert And Glen  More And More, Less And Less  CD

Iron And Wine  Pagan Angel And A Borrowed Car  CD

No BS Brass  Thriller  Inst.  CD


Soul time….

Charles “Doc” Williams  Bumpin’ On Sunset/We Got More Soul  CD

Charles “The Screaming Eagle Of Soul” Bradley  You Put The Flame On It CD

The Ray Camacho Band  Si Se Puede  CD


Adios Amigos….