Jimmy Spellman  No Need To Cry Anymore  78

Buzz Burnham  Mama Lou  CD

Jimmy Spellman  It’s You, You, You  78

Loy Clingman  Time Wounds All Heels  CD

Jimmy Spellman  She Wants A Loverman  78

Jimmy Johnson & Sunset Riders  Cat Daddy  CD

Jimmy Johnson & Sunset Riders  What About Me Pretty Baby?  78



Ronnie Adair  Queen Of Hearts  CD

Johnny Silvers Whisper To Me  unreleased CD

Donnie Owens  Tomorrow CD

Lee Hazlewood  Five More Miles To Fulsom  demo  CD

Doug Hardin  Talk To Me Blues unreleased CD

Donnie Owens  If I’m Wrong  CD

Don Rollins  The Other Woman  unreleased CD

Jack Lane  Mr. Blues Is My Shadow  CD

Lonesome Long John Roller  Flagpole Rock  CD

Donnie Owens  Need You  CD


Donnie Owens  Between Midnight And Dawn  CD

Donnie Owens  Ask Me Anything  CD

Donnie Owens  On And On  unreleased CD

Benny Banta  Cry Little Girlie  CD

Dal Perkins  Shy  CD

Alvie Self  Rain Dance  CD

Eddie Lamaire  Gotta Get With It  CD

The Hawks  (Don Cole)  A Little More Wine My Dear  CD

Mirriam Johnson  I Ask Of You unreleased  CD

Leonard Brothers  Boppin’ Blue Jeans  unreleased CD

Jerry Langford  Still Of The Night  CD


Loy Clingman  Rockin’ Down Mexico Way  CD

Barry Lane  Doggone Lonesome Town  CD

Q-Zeen  Rain On THe Mountain  CD

Bob “Easy Deal” Wilson  There’ll Come A Day  CD



Henry Thome  Scotch & Soda  CD

Henry Thome  Scarlett  CD

Morgan-Condello Combo  Ali Baba  CD

The Clingman Clan  Tip CD

The Danfords  Freshman Girl, Senior Boy  CD

Terry & Peggy Silly Dilly Willy  CD

Faron Warmer  Crusin Central  CD

Don Cole  Stop  demo  CD

Gerald Ray  Fussin’  CD


Contessas  Nobody But You  unreleased  CD

The Tads  Bumble Bee  unreleased  CD

Leroy Fullylove & The Buffs  Me, My Shadow And I  CD

Leroy Fullylove & The Buffs  I Want To Know  CD


The Wild Flowers  More Than Me  CD

Hobbit  Times Past  CD

Door Nobs  Hi-Fi Baby  CD

Destiny’s Children  For Me  CD