Los Straightjackets  Marshmellow World  Inst.  CD

Jan Bradley  Christmas Time  45

Robert Earl Keen  Happy Holiday’s Ya All  CD

Cocteau Twins  Winter Wonderland  Inst.  Imp. CD

Bill Cosby  Merry Christmas Mama  45

Rev. H.H. Harrington  Christmas In Heaven  45

Beto Villa  Jingle Bells  Inst. 45

Dread Zepplin  All I Want For Christmas  CD


Stephen Ashbrook  My Blue Christmas  CD

Dr. Pepper Spot  45

Squirrel Nut Zippers  A Johnny Ace Christmas  CD

Brooke Benton  This Time Of Year  45

Vicki Sunday  I’m Gonna Do My Christmas Shopping Early This Year  78

Azz Izz Band  Rasta Clause Is Comming To Town  CD

Roger & Dean Miller  Old Toy Trains  CD

Babs Gonzales  Teenage Santa Clause  45

Dinah Shore  You Meet The Nicest People  7″ 33 /13

Spinal Tap  Christmas With The Devil  CD


A Christmas Memory written and narated by Truman Capote  LP


Phil Spector  Christmas Medley  45

A personal message from Phil


The Twisting Kings  Christmas Twist  Inst.  45

Leon Russell  Slipping Into Christmas  45

Southern Scratch  Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree  Inst.  CD

Carlene Davis & Trinity  Santa Clause Do You Ever Come To The Ghetto?  CD

James Brown  aka The Godfather  Santa Clause Go Straight To The Ghetto  45

Kate Bush  December Will Be Magic Again  Imp. 45

Buchanan & Goodman  Santa And The Satellite  Pts. 1&2  45

The Beatles  Christmas Time Is Here Again  45


Ladmo & The La Chords  The Little Drummer Boy  CD

Johnny Preston  I Want A New Baby For Christmas  45

Can  Silent Night  Inst.  Imp. 45

Ozie Ware with The Hot 5  Santa, Bring My Man Back  CD

The Wardettes  Santa Is A Dirty Old Man  45

Chief Guilame  The Week Before Christmas  CD

The Youngsters  Christmas In Jail  45

The Persuasions  Three Angels (Bob Dylan)  45

Dead Hot Workshop  Feliz Navidad  CD


That’s it for this year.  Thanks for listening and your kind comments.

So many records and CD’s…so little time….back in the boxes until next time.

Happy Holidays from Johnny D. and the staff at Ben Dover, Inc.