The Spiders  Why Don’t You Love Me  Mascot 45

The Bittersweets  Cry Your Eyes Out  Hype  45

Caravelles  Lovin’ Just My Style  Onacrest  45

The Laser Beats  Rampage  Laser  45

Eddie Dimas & The Upsets  Don’t You Ever  Dektr  45

Jimmy Bennett and The Negligees  No Chemise ’65  45

Condello  Crystal Clear  Septer  45

The Door Nobs  Hi-Fi Baby  Viv  45

The Misfits Dedicated Follower Of Fashion  Zeero  45


The Casualtones  Brand “X”  Inst.  Library  45

Violet Wing  Hey Joe  Sound Gems  45

The Centries  The Old Man  Sentry  45

The Vibratos  I’ll Be Back  w/ out takes  Project Spector  45

The Night Sounds  Torment  The Sound Of Soul  45

The Casuals  Johnny B. Goode  Toltec  45

KRIZ Radio spot

Hub Kapp and The Wheels  What You’re Doing  45


Twentieth Century Zoo  You Don’t Remember  CAZ  45

The Grodes  Uh Huh Girl  Tri-M  45

The Possums  She’s Loving Me  JM  45


The Nazz  Wonder Who’s Loving Her Now  Very  45

The Young Men  Baby That’s All  United World  45

The Bassmen  The Last Laugh  Copper State  45

The Pledges  Stingray  Inst.  45

Your Friends  Sun-Burned Idol  Sola  45

Gossip  No One’s In Your Way  Gossip  45

The Intruders  Then I’d Know  Moxie  45

The Pastels  It’s So Easy  Regale  45

Phil & The Frantics  Til You Get What You Want  Sounds Ltd  45

Dearly Beloveds  Peep Peep Pop Pop  Boyd/Columbia  45


Woolsey’s Raiders  War Dance  Inst.  Lewis  45

Tom Parsons & Spectrum  Don’t Listen To Friends  Presta  45

Jason and The Argonauts  I Don’t Need Anything  Byit  45

Blaine Warner & The Counterpoints  All Over Now  Presta  45

The Status Quo  They All Want Her Love  Grant  45

Floyd & Jerry  Dusty  Presta  45

The Spectra  Hurry Girl  Marathon  45


The Choice  Make Up Your Mind  Sound Gems  45

The Trendsmen  Do The Milton  Threads  45

Motion  Pardon My Reflection  Mascot  unrel.  CD


Superfine Dandelion  People In The Street  Mainstream  45

Chief Root Wizard  Tomorrow’s Another Day  unrel.  CD

The Sect  Simply Sunday  Dionysus  45

KIKX Radio spot  CD

The Stumps  Think Of All The Good Times  Boy7d  45

The Rockmen w/ The Tads  Safari  Inst.  Malapi  45

The Menaces  If You Want Me  Dramel  45

King Rock & The Knights  Send-Di  Inst.  Zoom 45

Mile Ends  Candy Man  Fifth Estate  45

The Wild Flowers  A Man Like Myself  Aster  45

Thackeray Rocke  Tobacco Road  Castalia  45


Thackeray Rocke  Bawling  Castalia  45

Solid Ground  Sad Now  Apro  45

Hobbit  Top Of The Morning  Tube  45

Destiny’s Children  For Me  Pyro  45

The Spiders  Don’t Blow Your Mind  Santa Cruz  45



Wow, What a Show!!! What A Time!!  What Great Bands!!

All those memories of the 60’s back again…..Arizona Music Rules!!

Had A Ball Ya’all.