Exclusive here…the first recordings by The SUICIDE KINGS, a 4 song EP with an EP download card containing a bonus track.  The Suicide Kings are: Bruce Connole (Billy Clone, Jetzons, Strand, Busted Hearts, Revenents etc.), Paul Schneider, Mike Wolfe (Sun Punchers), Vince Ramirez (Flathead) and Jon Rauhouse (Niko Case).There are four AZ. related cover songs included, “It’s Nothing To Me” (Loy Clingman), “Mental Revenge” (Waylon Jennings), “Still As The Night” (Sanford Clark) and “Farewell Pretty Polly” (Glenn Morris).  The bonus track on the download card is “Bud’s Bounce (Bud Isaacs).  A great guitar/steel Americana feel, produced in a classic Audio Recorders sound by Clarke Rigsby at his Tempest Studio.  This is the first new Ramco Records release in over 47 years and it’s a goodun, housed in a beautiful cardboard EP (extended play) cover!

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