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Dime Store Wedding Ring Featured in Fox’s Last Man on Earth

I don't usually toot my horn on these sync-licensing placements of my masters, but as this show, "The Last Man On Earth," is so "special" at the moment, I must note that on episode #3 REV Records artist Dave Sterlings original (unreleased) recording of "Dime Store Wedding Ring" will be featured twice in the show and under the credits at the end so.....you should [...]

Now Available on Ebay!!!

Hola Ya All. Now available on Ebay, another high quality loss leader CD from the Ben Dover Organization titled "Desert Doo Wops 1956-1968" (SewSiouxMee SSM 412). There are 30 fantastic tracks of wonderful group (for the most part) harmony, in a beautiful digipak format, with a 16 page full color booklet. The informative liner notes are by Dan Nowicki, surrounded by many pictures [...]


Now Available on eBay Stinkweeds in Phoenix area.  Also available via mail order from Bluebeat Music, Dionysus Records and Bear Family Records in Europe.   To order you copy now, just click on the item in the eBay store to the right and "Buy It Now"

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