The Valley music scene that served
as an incubator for the successful
 careers of a number of singers,
songwriters, musicians and producers
in the 1950s and ‘60s is the topic of
the next Our Stories guest-speaker 
presentation Saturday, April 12, at west
 Chandler’s Sunset branch library.
The free event will feature
 Arizona’s unofficial music historian 
and radio deejay John P. Dixon, also
 known as Johnny D., who will present
 the little-known history of the Audio
 Recorders Studio in Phoenix.
The multimedia presentation will
 spotlight many of the musicians and
 producers who recorded at this popular
 studio, including Lee Hazlewood,
 Sanford Clark, Skip and Flip, Dyke
and the Blazers, Wayne Newton and
 Waylon Jennings. 
Located at 7th Street and Weldon
in Phoenix, Audio Recorders was
 the birthplace of the unique twang 
of Duane Eddy, a member of the
 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame whose
 1958 international hit Rebel Rouser
 influenced many future guitarists
 Over the past 25 years, Dixon has
 assembled the world’s largest collection
 of Arizona-related vinyl records,
 tapes, cassettes, photographs, posters
and other
 He has 
also compiled,
 produced and 
licensed more
 than 35 CDs,
vinyl albums 
and singles 
of vintage
 music to 
help keep the 
state’s unique 
 history alive.
 Our Stories is hosted by Chandler
 Museum, Chandler Historical Society
 and the Chandler Public Library. The
 April program runs from 10:30 a.m.
to noon. Chandler Sunset Library is at
 4930 W. Ray Road, just east of Rural
 Information: 480-782-2751 or