Sanford Clark The Fool  CD

Sanford Clark  The Fool ’65  CD

Sanford Clark  Where’s The Door  CD

Duane Eddy  Up & Down  CD

Duane Eddy  Rebel Rouser  CD

Duane Eddy  Peter Gunn Theme  CD

Duane Eddy  Ring Of Fire  CD

Duane Eddy  Gidget Goes Hawaiian  CD

Lee Hazlewood & Al  Casey  Out Take  CD

Ritchie Hart  The Great Duane  CD

Sanford Clark   They Call Me Country  CD

Dennis Binder  Love Call  CD

Johnny Lance  The Big Tragedy  CD

Donnie Owens  ‘Ever Night Lulu  CD

The Lone Wolf  Jumpin’ Baby  CD

Waylon Jennings  Charlie  demo  CD

Waylon Jennings  Step Aside  CD

Waylon Jennings & Donnie Owens  My World  CD

Sanford Clark  Shades  CD

Jane Darwin  His & Hers  CD

Donnie Owens  My Love   CD

Bill Haley  Jealous Love  CD

The Newton Rascals  If The Easter Bunny Knew The Fun He’d Have On Christmas  CD

The Newton Brothers  Bird Watchers Ball  CD


Al Casey Combo  Untitled  CD

Duane Eddy  Untitled  CD

Duane Eddy Untitled  CD

Thanks for the memories Jack.


Ben Sidran  Feel Your Groove  45

Gin Blossoms  Something Wrong  CD

Joel Vance  Stars Fell On Alabama  45

Jonathan Winters  Human Torpedo  LP

Lonnie Smith  Move Your Hand  45

Biig Maybelle  Candy  CD

Miles Davis  New Rhumba  Inst.   45


Jive Bombers  Bad Boy  CD

Wailing Souls  Something Funny  Imp. 45

Leroy & The Drivers  The Sad Chicken  Inst.  45

Madeline Pereaux  Instead  CD

Alex Chilton  My Baby Just Cares For Me  CD

Charlie Rich  Your Cheating Heart  LP

Martin Mull  2001 Polkas  Inst.  45


R&B with Johnny D. set:

Lou Courtney  What Do You Want Me To Do  45

Bobby Bland  Honey Child  45

Meters  Chicken Strut  Inst.  45

Dyke & The Blazers  Black Boy  45

Calvin Arnold  Think I’d Better Rest  45

Eddie & Ernie  Woman What Do You Be Doing  CD

Eddie & Ernie w/ Mike Condello  I Am A Young Man  CD  Prod. by Hadley

Sunny & Sunliners  Hitch Hike  45

Carl Carlton  Don’t Walk Away  45

Hodges, James, Crawford & Smith  Nobody  45

Vernon Garrett  Think People  45



Loosley Tight  Rough And Tough  LP

Loosley Tight  Fightin’ Society  LP


Marty Robbins & Jerry Byrd  Hawaii’s Calling Me  LP

Chet Baker  But Not For Me  LP


That’s it, for the first show of the New Year.  Thanks for tuning in and spending of your some time here.