Progressive Radio Remembered promo flexi disc


Whitney Houston RIP

Material w/ Whitney & Archie Shepp  Memories  LP


Sleepwalker  Anonymous  CD

Lo-Fidelity All Stars  Sleeping Faster CD

Larrry Marshall  I Admire You  12″

Houseguests  What So Never The Dance Pts. 1&2  CD



One Hour of Songs about Arizona

George Ballard  There’s A Girl In Arizona  CD

Johnny Darrell  Glendale, Arizona  CD

Joe Eslee Singers  In Arizona  CD

Tucson Broadcasters  Tucson, Wonderful Town  CD

Rex Allen  Arizona Waltz  CCD

Douglas Alan Davis  Today In Arizona  CD

Kalieidoscope  Tempe, Arizona  CD

Newton Rascals  Out Arizona Way  CD

Terri Lee  Phoenix, My Home Town  CD


Mordicai Jones  Walking In The Arizona Sun  CD

Eldorado Hotel Singer  You Can’t Come To Tucson Too Soon   CD

Cara Stewart & The Polk Cats  Arizona Polka  CD

Jimmy Wilcox & Connie Conway  Mrs.  Arizona Homemaker  CD

Duane Eddy   South Phoenix  CD

Russ Arno  In The Valley Of The Sun  CD

Rod Hart  Arizona Morning  CD

Johnny Mann Singers  The Sound Of The City  CD

Buffalo Grove  Arizona  CD

Kenny Smith & The Westerners  It’s Rodeo Time In Tucson  CD

Red McIlvaine  Come To Phoenix  CD

Rex Allen Jr.  (I Love You) Arizona  CD



A Pimple Is A Sometime Thing/Soggy Cereal/

Comic Book/Public School Lunch/Dog Bit 1/

Serafina Faces Life/Sock It Near Me/Rhyme Crime/

Pollen’s Found A Home In My Nose/Dog Bit 2/

Sonic Boom/A Star Is Bored/Dog Bit 3/

Ho Ho Ha Ha Hee Hee Ha Ha


The Greatest Song Ever Recorded In Arizona:

Al Casey  Ramrod on Ford Records Inst.  CD


Red Squares  Modern Roll  LP

Henry Thome  Scotch & Soda  CD

History Machine  I’ll Tell You Later…….CD


Happy 100th Birthday Arizona!!!!!

Thanks as always for being there on the other side of the mic.