Niko Case  Bracing For Sunday  CD

Hank Williams  Jambalaya  78

Lindsey Buckingham It Was I  LP

Buddy Guy w/ Dr. John & Eric Clapton  A Man Of Many Words  45

Niko Case  Night Still Comes  CD

Elvis Presley  Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues  CD

Gladys Knight  The Friendship Train  45


And now…some GINGER BAKER…

Fela Kuti & Ginger Baker w. Africa ’70  Let’s Start  live LP

Ginger Baker & Friends N’Kon Kini N’Kon N’Kon  LP

Ginger Baker’s Air Force  Toad  live  LP



Eddie Horan  I’m Gonna Speak Out  CD

Sidney Barnes  I Hurt On The Other Side  CD

Honey Cone  Ace In The Hole  CD

Nolan Chance  Just Like The Weather  CD

Genies  Know What To Do When You Get It  CD

Detroit Executives  Cool Off  CD

Saxie Russell  Psychedelic Soul Pt. 1  CD

Archie Bell & The Drells  Givin’ Up Dancing  45


ELO  Can’t Get It Out Of My Head  LP

Allan Tousaint  It’s Raining  CD

Roy Orbison  In Dreams  1963 & 1987  LP

Kenyon Hopkins  Theme From “Who Do You Kill”  Inst  45

The box Tops  The Letter  CD

Brooklyn Bridge  The Worst That Could Happen  LP

Stan Freeberg & Dawes Butler  The Lone Psychiatrist  45


A Few More From The Rascals…

Temptations ‘Bout To Get Me, Love Is A Beautiful Thing,

Come On Up, Once Upon A Dream….LP

>>>Motion If You Knew (Just How I Feel) CD


Music Tribute To Nowhere Man And A Whisky Girl    RIP

Blue For Two, Beulah Land, Please Die, Girls Who Wear Glasses,

Vinyl, Kidding, Dirt In My Mouth, Crush, Asleep At The Wheel  CD


Another show for the ages….have a great week.