The Falcons  You’re So Fine  45

The Falcons  I Found A Love  live  LP

The Falcons w/ Wilson  I Found A Love  45

Robert Ward  Forgive Me Darling  CD

Otis Redding Pain In My Heart & These Arms Of Mine  live  LP


Let’s Do Some Cheating…..In room 2502

Candi Staton  Mr. & Mrs. Untrue  45

Mighty Sam  Mr. & Mrs. Untrue  45

The Persuaders  A Thin Line Between Love And Hate  45

Denise LaSalle  Married, But Not To Each Other  45


Stevie Wonder & Clarence Paul  Funny How Time Slips Away  live  LP

Mike & The Modifiers  I Found Myself A Brand New Baby  45

James Brown  Prisoner Of Love & These Foolish Things  CD


Bettye Swann  Make Me Yours  CD

Bettye Swann  Kiss My Love Good Bye  CD

Bettye Swann  The Man Who Said No  CD

Bettye Swann  Don’t Touch Me & Little Things Mean A Lot  CD


The Furys  Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart  45

The Tramps  Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart  45


G. Hodge  Shoulder Motion  Inst.  45

Mike & Bill  Somebody’s Gotta Go (Sho Ain’t Me)  45

Donald Woods & The Velaires  Death Of An Angel  45


The Coasters  T’ain’t Nothin’ To Me  live  LP

Loy Clingman  It’s Nothing To Me  45

Bobby Womack  Woman’s Gotta Have It  LP

Bobby Womack  Lookin’ For A Love  LP


The Lydells  Call On Me  CD

Debra Lewis  What You Gonna Do  45

Na Allen  Thanks For Nothing  CD

Jackie Milton  Little By Little  45

The O’Jays  You’re Body’s Here With Me (But Your Mind Is On The Other Side Of Town)  LP

The Patterson Singers  That’s Understanding  CD


T.C. Jones  Champagne Cocktails  78


I hope you enjoyed this weeks presentation.  Have a safe week….

Oh yes, Candi Station’s version of Mr. & Mrs. Untrue won the Best Version contest.

Thanks for all the calls!!!  ; >)