Barn Finds Set:

Hank Wangford  Cowboys Stay On Longer  Imp. 45

Chiyo & The Crescents  Pink Dominos  Inst.  45

Cee Lo Green  (You’re So Square( Baby, I Don’t Care  CD

Cleveland Robinson  Christmas Time Is Here Again  45

Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro  Stumblin’ In  45

Strange Daze  Love Her Medley  45  Go Randy Baker!!!


Sam Butera & The Witnesses  Rat Race  45

LCD Sound System  Disco Infiltrator  45

H. Town  A Thin Line Between Love & Hate  CD

Louie Armstrong  La Vie En Rose  45

Roxy Music  Don’t Stop The Dance  Live  CD

Bonnie Raitt & Was Not Was  Baby Of Mine  45

Lee Andrews And The Hearts  Maybe You’ll Be There 45



Lou Monti  Italian Jingle Bells  45

Jim Bacus  Why Don’t You Go Home For Christmas  45

Billy Eckstine  If I Can Help Somebody  45

Merle Haggard  If We Can Make It Through December  45

Carol, Linda & Kathy  I Don’t Want To Be Last On Santa’s List  45

Gene Autry  Merry Texas Christmas  45


Doby Gray RIP

The In Crowd  45

That’s How You Treat A Cheater  45

Look At Me  45

Pollution Do You Really Have A Heart  LP

Find ‘Em, Fool ‘Em and Forget ‘Em  45

Bonnie Bramlett w/ DG  Never Gonna Give You Up  CD


Clifton Chenier Ay Ai Ai  45

Dickie & Gloria  Mr. Clean  45

J.C. Brooks & The Uptown Sound  Baaad News  CD

Mighty Lemon Drops  Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White  Live flexi disc

Jorge Ben Ponta De Lanca Africano  CD


Dyke & The Blazers vs. Z-Trip  Swamp Walk mash up mix  CD


Pat Roberts & The Haymakers  Mighty Big Love  CD  (Paul Thomas  RIP)

The Stanley Brothers  Blue Moon Of Kentucky  45

The Mayfield Brothers  Arizona Moon  CD

Hawkshaw Hawkins  If It Ain’t On The Menu  45


J. Blackfoot RIP:Soul Children  I’ll Understand  45

Hearsay  45

Don’t Take My Kindness For Weakness  45

I’ll Be The Other Woman  45

Finders Keepers  45


Howard Tate  RIP

It’s Too Late  45

These Are The Things That Make Me Know You’re Gone  45

Ain’t Nobody Home  45

Get It While You Can  45

Stop  45

She’s A Burglar  45


King Curtis & The Noble Knights  The Soul Twist Inst.  45

Wow, finished and now it’s just about time for another show (Oh no!!)!!!  Don’t forget my All Christmas Music Show on the 25th and I hope that you and yours have a really great Holiday.  Thanks as always for tuning in…..your Elderly Radio Buddy…..Johnny D.