Doug & The Slugs  Too Bad  CD

Steve Cropper  Think  CD

Shel Silverstein  26 Second Song

Frank Zappa  Montana  CD

Dave Insley  Open Road  CD

Some Velvet Morrning  Summer Wine  CD


Live music from my 50th B-Day Party at The Rockin Horse 5/15/96

Al Casey Combo  Caravan  CD

Jimmy Spellman  It’s You, You, You   CD

Henry Thome  Scotch & Soda  CD

Buddy Long  It’s Nothing To Me  CD



Housewifes On Prozac  I Broke My Arm Christmas Shopping At The Mall  CD

Jorma Kaukonen  Christmas  Inst.  CD

Buchanan & Goodman  Santa And The Satellite  Pts. 1 & 2  45

Sonia Dada  Silver Bells  CD

Dramatics  All I Want For Christmas Is My Baby  CD

5 Chinese Brothers  Christmas On Interstate 80  CD

Jars Of Clay  Little Drummer Boy  CD

4 PM  Christmas Song  CD

Jewel  Angel Standing By  CD


Short set by the late CESARIA EVORA  RIP

Sodade  CD

Petit Pays  (Little Country)  CD

Everyday Is A New Day  CD


Suicide Kings  Job 3:25  CD

Sunshine Choral Aires  Gospel Rock & Roll  LP

Barbary Coasters  Hi Fi Baby  CD

Alejandro Escovedo  Arizona  CD

Roger Miller  The Fool   CD

Big Pete Pearson  Pledging My Love  CD

Syl Johnson  Different Strokes x2!!  Funky, Funky, Funky!!  45


My good friend GREGORY KENT AITKEN 1/15/48 – 12/7/11 remembered:

The Generation Gap  Too Far Gone  45

Greg Aitken & 360  Arizona Here I Come  45

Greg Aitken Band  My Yard  CD

Greg Aitken Band  Freedom Blues  CD

Greg Aitken Band  Bumpin’ On Sunset  Inst.  CD

Greg & Ramon Dana  East Of The Sun  CD


Esparenza Spaulding  Short & Sweet  CD……and indeed it was!!